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Warnock holds narrow lead over Walker in runoff, AARP poll finds


The runoff race between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican nominee Herschel Walker remains tight in Georgia, an AARP poll finds.

Warnock leads Walker by four points, 51% – 47%, among likely runoff voters of all ages, a margin within the poll’s 4.4% margin-of-error.

Among all independent voters, Warnock leads Walker 15 percentage points, 54% – 39%. One of the only major demographic groups where Walker holds a lead over Warnock is among voters over 50, where Walker has a nine-point advantage, 53% – 44%.

Walker also holds a narrow lead among voters who do not have a college degree and among white voters of all ages. Meanwhile, Warnock leads among voters under age 50 by 24 percentage points, 61% – 37%.

Warnock also leads among women of all ages by 11 points, 55% – 44%.

The AARP poll also asked likely voters for their view of each candidate. Fifty-one percent of all likely voters have a favorable view of Warnock, while 45% of likely voters in the same age group view Walker favorably.

Forty-five percent of likely voters have an unfavorable view of Warnock, while 49% view Walker unfavorably.

Among independent voters, Warnock has a net positive favorability rating, with 52% of this group viewing him favorably and 39% viewing him unfavorably. The same group gives Walker a 37% favorability rating and a 53% unfavorable rating.

Walker’s favorability rating is only above 50% among Republicans, men over age 50, voters over age 65, white voters and voters without a college degree.

Meanwhile, Warnock’s favorability rating is above 50% among all likely voters, voters under age 50, Democrats, independents, women, Black voters and voters with a college degree.

The AARP poll was conducted from November 11 through November 17 and has a margin of error of +/- 4.4%. The poll has a representative statewide sample of 500 likely voters, with an oversample of 550 voters over age 50 and an additional oversample of 133 Black voters over age 50. The survey was conducted via landline, cellphone and text-to-web.

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