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UK weather: Temperatures to dip to -4 degree Celsius; wet & windy conditions expected

LONDON: The UK is expected to face blistering cold with temperatures dipping to -4C (24.8F) in several parts of the country. However, there will likely be no snow according to the Met Office but “very wet and windy weather.” The UK weather forecaster informed us that there will be a yellow wind warning in areas of southwest England and South Wales for 12 hours from 6 am on Monday.

A yellow warning in weather forecasts means severely unpleasant weather which will span a few days. 


A yellow rain warning was issued in the Northern Ireland area on Monday from 6 am to 12 am.


Speaking about the weather conditions, Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill told Mirror UK, “We’ve got two areas of low pressure that are coming towards the UK tonight and into tomorrow.”

“First one’s towards the northwest of Northern Ireland and the second one’s coming up in Ireland and southwest England. They’re going to bring some very wet and windy weather,” he added.

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