Post Office Fixed Deposit: Earn INTEREST rates more than banks in one year; Check benefits, eligibility, and other details

New Delhi: If you wish to invest in a safe and profitable scheme, then you can invest in Post Office fixed deposit . The scheme also provides more benefits along with the government guarantee. Moreover, you will get quarterly interest rate.

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Easy to open FD in Post Office

It’s very easy to open an FD in Post Office. According to the website of India Post office, customers can open FDs of different tenors ranging from 1,2,3, and 5 years. Let’s have a look what benefits will get under the scheme.

  1. You will get the guarantee of government in Post office fixed deposits
  2. Money of investors will be secured completely.
  3. FD can be created through offline with  cash or Cheque or online with net banking or Internet banking.
  4. You can create more than 1 FDs.
  5. FD accounts can be joined.
  6. You can get the exemptions from Income Tax return in over 5 years fixed deposits.
  7. You can transfer FD from one post office to another very easily.

Let’s see how to open an FD

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An FD in post office can be opened by giving cheque or cash. The minimum amount you need t deposit to open the account is Rs 1000. However, there is no limit to maximum amount.

You will get good interest on FDs

Under this, 5.50 percent interest is available on FD of 7 days to one year. The same interest rate is also available on FDs of 1 year 1 day to 2 years. At the same time, interest is also available on FD up to 3 years at the rate of 5.50 percent. 6.70 percent interest is available on FDs from 3 years one day to 5 years. That is, here you will get good profit on FD.

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