Novo Nordisk once-weekly insulin icodec better than daily Tresiba in phase 3 trial


Novo Nordisk (NVO) said new data from a phase 3a trial showed that more people with type 2 diabetes achieved blood sugar target with once-weekly insulin icodec compared with its own once-daily therapy Tresiba (insulin degludec).

The Danish company reported new data from the phase 3a trial, dubbed ONWARDS 2, results from which also presented in April. The 26-week study evaluated once-weekly insulin icodec versus once-daily insulin degludec (Tresiba) in 526 people with type 2 diabetes switching from daily insulin.

Data showed that once-weekly insulin icodec achieved an HbA1c (blood glucose levels) <7.0%, without experiencing severe or clinically significant hypoglycemia (low level of blood glucose), compared with 27% of those treated with Tresiba at 26 weeks, the company said in a Sept. 22 press release.

Novo said the study met its main goal of showing non-inferiority in reducing HbA1c at week 26 with insulin icodec compared to Tresiba.

“It could offer people with type 2 diabetes reduced treatment complexity and burden by reducing the number of basal insulin injections from 365 to 52 per year, without compromising management of blood sugar,” said Athena Philis-Tsimikas, principal investigator of ONWARDS 2.

From an average baseline of 8.17% (icodec) and 8.10% (Tresiba), icodec achieved a superior reduction in estimated HbA1c of 0.93% compared to 0.71% for Tresiba, the company added.

Novo noted that people in the study reported significantly greater satisfaction in favor of once-weekly insulin icodec versus Tresiba.

Icodec was seen to be safe and well-tolerated, according to the company. There was less than 1 hypoglycemia event per patient-year in both cases (0.73 events per patient-year for insulin icodec and 0.27 events/patient-year for Tresiba) according to the company.

The company’s ONWARDS clinical program has six trials. Novo has already reported results from trials: ONWARDS 1, ONWARDS 2, ONWARDS 3, ONWARDS 4, and ONWARDS 6.

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