How to get iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island on any Android smartphone

Apple’s Dynamic Island is all the rage right now and it isn’t uncommon to see people flocking from the vanilla iPhone 14 to the iPhone 14 Pro for the added feature. However, if you’re using an Android phone and want to try out the feature, you needn’t switch your phone and operating system altogether.

A free app on the Google Play Store called dynamicSpot does the trick on any Android phone with a notch or pill-shaped cutout. The setup for the app will take some work, but once you’re done, you will have a Dynamic Island of your own, complete with app support for the applications you want and multitasking support for when you have multiple ongoing tasks at hand.

Here’s how to get the app and set it up. Note that the feature works best with Android phones that have a notch in the middle, as the Dimension settings appear to have some bugs for now that don’t let you align the island on notches that are corner-oriented on the left.

Step 1: Get DynamicSpot from the Play Store

The DynamicSpot app is available as a free app on the Google Play Store. Download it by heading to the Play Store, searching for “dynamicspot” and installing the app.

Step 2: Setting up the application

When you open the app for the first time, click the ‘Next’ on the bottom to proceed to the permissions page. Here, tap on each element to give the app permissions for showing notifications from select apps, viewing incoming notifications and drawing on top of the screen.

Click ‘Done’ on the bottom of the screen when you’re done with giving the permissions.

dynamicSpot Here’s how you can configure the island for your own notch. (Express Photo)

Step 3: Configuring the pill

From the main page, go to Popup settings > Dimensions and adjust the three sliders until you align the pill with your phone’s notch or pill. Also check out the other settings that let you configure things like the behaviour of the island when you tap outside of it and extra bubbles for multitasking.

Note that you will need the Pro version of the app that’s priced at Rs 99 for advanced features like configuring the single tap and long press actions as well as for showing the island on the lock screen.

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