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Regarding Dr Zara Aziz’s article (There is no end point to the work of a GP – it is an almost impossible job to do well, 18 September), the way most GPs continue with their duties they way they do is beyond compare. I have had first-hand experience of this: I spoke to my elderly uncle’s GP on Friday evening and he said that he would visit on Saturday, which he duly did. I witnessed GP care at its finest and cannot express how grateful I am for this care of a frail, elderly man with Alzheimer’s and other issues. We need to value NHS and GP services far more.
June Roff
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

When I was growing up in central Scotland in the 1950s, even though there were normal GP surgery opening times, our doctor was also on call 24/7. Now, my current GP practice, a large and busy city one, has only one full-time partner. The rest are part-time, and none are obliged to call on patients outside regular working hours. And while GPs may indeed work very hard, Dr Zara Aziz might consider herself lucky that she is working as one today rather than 70 years ago.
William Millar

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